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LASIK Evaluation

Dr. Spitzer performs all the pre-operative testing and post-op care for 6 months for LASIK. This will help determine which is the best Laser for your eyes and your prescription,  to obtain the best result. We have been assisting with the top LASIK surgeons since the first LASIKs in Orange County were performed. Dr. Spitzer is an expert in determining the best prescription for your final outcome and explains the process in detail.

He also assists in the procedure to make sure the planned outcome is properly entered into the LASIK computer and helps in assuring you are comfortable, taken on time, have no imperfections immediately post op, and that you understand the post op. care. He does all the follow up visits (1-day, 1-week, 1-month, 3-month and 6-month) and all this is included with him at no extra charge. In fact, in most cases, he can get you a reduction in cost if he is the comanaging doctor.

Also, Dr. Spitzer recommends a special program to make sure your newly achieved vision ability does not "slip" or change.  He helps LASIK patients from other Doctors who have had problems with their vision instability, dry eyes or unusual results that require explanations, treatment or enhancement surgery.

Contact Lens Comfort
Computerized Frame Selection
Nutrition Counseling
Sports Vision

Eye Conditions Treated:
Macular Degeneration
Cataracts (Crystalens)
Low Vision
Dry Eye care
Red Eyes
Itchy Eyes