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Stylish Frames
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We currently carry many exciting lines including Fysh & Klik from Denmark, Geek Eyewear, Flexon, KonishiRevolution, Varvatos, Vera WangCandies, as well as other current fashion and sports frame lines.

Tips on selecting frames

Oval face: Rectangle frames work best by providing contrast that widens a narrow face.

Square face: Soften the strong angles with an oval or rounded shape. Upswept frames with a high temporal corner create and interest and contrast nicely with the corners of the face. Try frames that are longer horizontally than tall vertically and use rimless without sharp corners for a great look.

Round face: Add angles for contrast and interest. Rectangles, longer horizontally than tall are slimming, making the face look longer. Higher temples lengthen the face.

Triangular face: Upswept frames with a high temporal corner create interest and balance. Light colors and rounded tops soften a wide forehead. Frames that are wider at the bottom offset a narrow chin line.

Make sure when picking a frame that the glasses aren’t wider than the widest part of your face. Avoid frames that appear to squeeze the face or temples. With higher powers, pick a smaller frame.


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Eye Conditions Treated:
Macular Degeneration
Cataracts (Crystalens)
Low Vision
Dry Eye care
Red Eyes
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