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We are so pleased to present what our patients have to say.

"Why was I seeing a new optometrist? 5 different optometrists tried to figure out why I was uncomfortable wearing contact lenses. Finally, the last optometrist told me that I was not a good candidate for contact lenses, and I should wait for several months to try them again. I wanted to wear contact lenses so that I can play sports, drive at night without getting splitting headaches, and watch 3D movies comfortably. So I gave up and decided to find a new optometrist.

Dr. Spitzer spent over 30 minutes talking, smiling, educating, and making me feel comfortable. The best part was that I trusted him because he is definitely passionate, knowledgable, and understanding.  I had questions, he had answers. He told me that my eyes are flatter then most people thereby, I needed wider contact lenses. Awesome to know!!!  He is very nice. He even put my contact lenses into both eyes. I walked out feeling as if I have found "the optometrist!" I am on a trial with the contacts he prescribed to me. So far, I feel very comfortable with the lenses, and the majority of the time wearing them . . . I have forgotten I had them on! WOOOOHOOOO!!! I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is seeking an optometrist!"

- Meil T., Irvine, CA

"I have been going to Dr. Spitzer for approximately 7 years and am very happy with him and his staff.  Most doctors are very stingy with their time and let me just say Dr. Spitzer is not at all.  I have family members who are doctors and Dr. Spitzer gives me more time than they give me.  I always leave Dr. Spitzer's office feeling good and educated.  I recently had lasik and Dr. Spitzer came and sat through the procedure with me and I really felt that was such a special touch since I have never heard of anyone else doing that before.  I recommend Dr. Spitzer and think of him in the highest regards."

- Anna B., Irvine, CA